Fixed that for you: dodgy Liberal Democrat election graphs, 2017

Elections are a time for many things. I’ve come to think of them as a time for sniggering at parties’ desperate attempts to sway voters by presenting a dubious grasp of mathematics in graph form and […]


Guest Comment: Labour’s Matthew Pennycook has mislaid his manners over Brexit

Let’s talk about Greenwich and Woolwich. Because we shouldn’t need to talk about Greenwich and Woolwich, but reports from the doorstep suggest we do. Labour canvassers in this solid Labour seat tell of people saying […]


Election 2017: Tory education plans for London are state-sponsored stupidity

Back in the early 1990s, when my eldest children were very young, London’s state schools were widely seen as disastrous. That was unfair because not all of them were bad, but the truth is that many were. […]


Arsenal and Chelsea do London proud 50 years after first ‘Cockney Cup Final’

FA Cup Finals don’t always delight the eye, but yesterday’s Wembley encounter between Arsenal and Chelsea did the job. The better team won, which always helps if you’re a neutral, and the occasion as a […]


Military personnel deployed in London as Sadiq Khan vows city ‘will never be cowed by terrorism’

Members of the armed forces will be visible on the capital’s streets from today following the decision by national security services to raise the national terror threat level to “critical” in the wake of the […]


Terror fanatics hate cosmopolitan cities and all that humankind loves them for

Along with the shock, the disbelief and the helpless, inadequate sympathy with those hurt, desperately worried, traumatised and so savagely bereaved by the bombing of Manchester Arena comes the familiar need for explanations. Where does the […]


Earls Court: alternative masterplans for controversial scheme

Opponents and critics of the vast and controversial Earl’s Court project have been promoting alternative visions for the 77-acre site’s development. Students at University College London’s Bartlett School of Planning have exhibited their own masterplans for […]


Guest article: Tory manifesto plan to change how we elect London’s government can only be bad for us

This column is written Rachel Holdsworth, whose fine, witty writing on London politics, housing issues and more used to regularly grace Londonist. She’s now a freelance writer and editor. So much for devolution. The Conservative manifesto […]


Millwall & New Bermondsey: Dyson will investigate key Lewisham Council decisions since 2012

The independent inquiry into circumstances surrounding the proposed redevelopment of 30 acres of land in Lewisham close to the stadium of Millwall Football Club will examine a series of key decisions made by politicians and officers of […]


Election 2017: what does the Conservative manifesto promise London?

It’s a long time since the manifestos of Britain’s two biggest parties contrasted as sharply as those of Labour and the Conservatives do at this general election. But on one thing they agree: that London […]