Higher rise and lower opinions: on tall buildings in Southwark

High rise buildings have become a common sight when walking through London’s streets, whether it’s the 1970s brutalist Trellick Tower looming over trains coming into Paddington, the more recent financial skyscrapers of the City that […]


Election 2018: How will London’s Liberal Democrats feel on Friday?

How will London’s Liberal Democrats be feeling on Friday morning after the borough results have come in? They might be very cheery, having kept hold of Sutton yet again and wrested control of both Kingston […]


Vic Keegan’s Lost London 38: stained glass at St Margaret’s Church

London has lots of hidden gems but there are few more curious than a large stained glass window in St Margaret’s Church, a few yards from Parliament Square. It is a beautiful work of Flemish artistry […]


Westminster 2018: Labour looks for a big swing in Little Venice

From the On London Borough Elections Guide 2018: Little Venice has been Labour in the past but the Conservatives have not been seriously challenged since 1990. It is south of Maida Vale, covering the canal junction […]


Barnet 2018: Labour gains could be undermined by taint of antisemitism

High Barnet ward is at the high end of Barnet borough: villagey, churchy and sharing a border with Hertfordshire. It returned three Conservative councillors in 2014, and you would think it had a soul of solid […]


Can Caroline Russell, Islington’s one-Green opposition, hold on in Highbury East?

Jarod Lawley is a second year journalism student at City, University of London. I met Islington councillor Caroline Russell for the first time at a transport hustings in Highbury’s Christ Church. She had made a […]


Why London Tories could be crushed on 3 May – and why they might not

It is no wonder that many of the capital’s Conservatives are anticipating 3 May with dread. So much of the evidence points to them heading for a dreadful drubbing at the borough elections you couldn’t […]