Peter Ackroyd’s London: rich and rabble, East and West

I’ve embarked on re-reading Peter Ackroyd’s epic London: The Biography, nearly 800 pages packed with knowledge, insights and story-telling skills that weave a cornucopia of fact and legend into a luxuriant narrative in which the […]


More council housing in London would be good, but it hasn’t solved every problem before

Part of the populist explanation about London’s housing shortages – the one that boils down to “rich foreign investors are pushing out the poor” – contends that a return to the pre-Thatcher decades when governments of both main […]

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Boris Johnson: what he believed Brexit would mean in 2014

Foreign secretary Boris Johnson, London’s mayor until last May, is sometimes described as an opportunist Brexiter – a man who picked his side in the referendum campaign according to which would best serve his prospects of advancement. […]