How can London learn to love regeneration and embrace the idea of ‘good growth’?

Next month, On London and the London Society are holding a debate about regeneration and how “good growth” can be achieved in a city which urgently needs to build more as its population rises towards 10 million, […]


Kensington & Chelsea leader asks for ‘united council’ and pledges to ‘reach out to all communities’

Elizabeth Campbell, the Conservative leader of Kensington & Chelsea Council (RBKC), has urged her Labour opponents to “reach consensus” and “work together” with her new administration, and challenged councillors of all parties, including her fellow […]


Vic Keegan’s Lost London 38: stained glass at St Margaret’s Church

London has lots of hidden gems but there are few more curious than a large stained glass window in St Margaret’s Church, a few yards from Parliament Square. It is a beautiful work of Flemish artistry […]


Why London Tories could be crushed on 3 May – and why they might not

It is no wonder that many of the capital’s Conservatives are anticipating 3 May with dread. So much of the evidence points to them heading for a dreadful drubbing at the borough elections you couldn’t […]


Introducing The On London Borough Elections Guide 2018

One of the rewards for people who pledged to the recent, giddily successful, On London crowdfunding campaign was an early copy of the Guide to the forthcoming borough elections I had compiled with top political analyst Lewis […]