Colin Wiles: it really is time for a Green Belt rethink

As this debut piece for On London shows, Colin Wiles has decades of experience in London housing, including with local authorities and housing associations. He is currently a fellow of both the Chartered Institute of […]

Hard Times

Islington Council to become first ‘Living Wage landlord’

Islington Council is to become the first local authority in the United Kingdom to require businesses that begin renting its commercial properties to pay employees at London Living Wage rates. New leases entered into with the Labour-run North […]


Vic Keegan’s Lost London 12: Saint Pancras Old Church

Saint Pancras old church – not to be confused with its Johnny-come-lately namesake on the Euston Road – deserves to have a book written about it. The original building goes back to the fourth century, pre-dating […]

Open City

Labour in London: Momentum, ‘moderates’ and candidate selections

Recent internal Labour Party elections in Haringey resulting in a string of wins for candidates backed by Momentum, the group formed to back Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership, have refuelled talk of big shifts in the Labour grassroots landscape, perhaps changing […]


Greens fear that London launderette numbers will tumble

When I wrote about London’s declining number of launderettes last January, the National Association of the Launderette Industry thought the capital was down to roughly its last 450. That number seemed in danger of falling more […]


Labour eurosceptic donor John Mills: ‘the City always says the roof will fall in’

Labour Brexiters are relatively rare and therefore sometimes thought exotic. It’s difficult not to see businessman John Mills, who has been giving large sums of money to the party currently led by Jeremy Corbyn for […]


Election 2017: What does the Labour Party manifesto promise London?

The leaked draft of Labour’s manifesto, which seems unlikely to be much different from the real thing when it is published in the coming days, contains several pledges of particular relevance to London and Londoners. A […]

No Picture

London Labour: is Corbyn membership gaining ground as 2018 borough elections approach?

Labour currently dominates London politics, from the mayoralty of Sadiq Khan at City Hall to command of 21 of the capital’s 32 boroughs. Despite the party’s grim position nationally, support for it in the capital seems to have […]