Dave Hill: Hackney’s Kings Crescent regeneration shows how boroughs can build

The Kings Crescent estate stands across busy Green Lanes from Stoke Newington’s handsome Clissold Park, right on the border with Islington, and was once in a sorry state: half demolished, half empty, in poor repair and in urgent need […]


London’s boroughs are back in the house-building business and could do more, says new report

London’s boroughs are set to deliver some 23,600 homes over the next five years, but that total could be boosted to more than 37,000, according to a new report from think tank Centre for London, […]


Lib Peck: London boroughs must work together and with partners to tackle knife crime

Lib Peck is leader of Lambeth Council and deputy chair and executive member for crime and public protection of London Councils. This article is a slightly edited version of a speech she gave at Wednesday’s knife […]


Philip Glanville on Hackney: what does it take to improve a place?

Philip Glanville has been Hackney’s directly elected Labour Mayor since September 2016 and before that was a Labour councillor in the borough for ten years, the last three of them as cabinet member for housing.  The […]


Hackney Marshes – football’s ‘greatest shrine’

One of my sons bought me a copy of London Fields by Charlie Connelly. It is, to quote its subtitle, a journey through football’s metroland, undertaken during the 1998-99 season, covering teams as diverse and unsung […]


Labour has become still stronger in London but weaknesses have been exposed

Competition over the meaning of Labour’s results on Thursday has been almost as fierce as the battle for votes itself, with the more fervent of Jeremy Corbyn’s admirers insisting that the party’s failure to hit […]


Andrew Boff: the future of housing in London looks small

Andrew Boff has been a Conservative member of the London Assembly since 2008 and before that a Conservative member of Hillingdon Council (1982-1994, including two years as leader) and of Hackney Council (2005-2006). He is […]


London leads the social mobility league, but there is much more to be done

As On London contributor Sam Stopp has rightly observed, London’s claims to greatness are undermined by its containing far too many people who struggle to make ends meet. Changing that is a major challenge for the city. But […]