London leads the social mobility league, but there is much more to be done

As On London contributor Sam Stopp has rightly observed, London’s claims to greatness are undermined by its containing far too many people who struggle to make ends meet. Changing that is a major challenge for the city. But […]


Cockney’tivity: the confecting of a ‘social cleansing’ row

Another day, another “social cleansing” article from the Guardian, whose news and opinion sections appear to be entirely at the service of anyone out there who can scare up some new iteration of that fatuous concept. “A theatre company […]


Hackney Mayor Philip Glanville deserves praise for ‘open discussions’ with residents

On Monday night I had the serious honour of chairing Hackney Mayor Philip Glanville’s very first Mayor’s Question Time before an audience of Hackney residents in the chamber of my home borough’s handsome Town Hall. Mayor […]


How will London’s High Streets change and grow?

It is easy to take London’s High Streets for granted: there they are, just round the corner, providing bread, milk and bus stops. They never go away. But their constancy can give rise to complacency: […]


Labour in London: Momentum, ‘moderates’ and candidate selections

Recent internal Labour Party elections in Haringey resulting in a string of wins for candidates backed by Momentum, the group formed to back Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership, have refuelled talk of big shifts in the Labour grassroots landscape, perhaps changing […]


Greens fear that London launderette numbers will tumble

When I wrote about London’s declining number of launderettes last January, the National Association of the Launderette Industry thought the capital was down to roughly its last 450. That number seemed in danger of falling more […]

Hard Times

London among worst regions for helping vulnerable children early, says new report

More than 80% of children referred to social care services in London are judged ineligible for their support and left at risk of enduring “prolonged periods of unmet needs”, according to a leading children’s charity. Research […]


East London boroughs achieving highest affordable housing outputs

Waltham Forest has been the London borough where the highest “affordable” percentage of new homes has been built in recent years, while Tower Hamlets has seen the highest total number built, according to official data compiled for the London […]