Eight of London’s 32 boroughs to have new political leaders

Only four of the capital’s 32 councils underwent changes of political control at the elections a fortnight ago, and in two cases the change was not very significant. The replacement of Conservative administrations in Kingston […]


Labour has become still stronger in London but weaknesses have been exposed

Competition over the meaning of Labour’s results on Thursday has been almost as fierce as the battle for votes itself, with the more fervent of Jeremy Corbyn’s admirers insisting that the party’s failure to hit […]


Why London Tories could be crushed on 3 May – and why they might not

It is no wonder that many of the capital’s Conservatives are anticipating 3 May with dread. So much of the evidence points to them heading for a dreadful drubbing at the borough elections you couldn’t […]


Sadiq Khan and the challenge of making the case for ‘good growth’

Sadiq Khan announced on Wednesday the award of £24m to 54 cultural, employment, educational and green infrastructure projects, drawing the cash from what he calls his Good Growth Fund. That label is significant. So is City Hall’s […]


East London boroughs achieving highest affordable housing outputs

Waltham Forest has been the London borough where the highest “affordable” percentage of new homes has been built in recent years, while Tower Hamlets has seen the highest total number built, according to official data compiled for the London […]


Election 2017: Gareth Thomas, 20-year guardian of Labour progress in multicultural Harrow West, has a hard survival fight on his hands

Factors that shape the marginal constituency of Harrow West can be surveyed from many vantage points, but a spot beside Rayners Lane Underground station on Alexandra Avenue is hard to beat. The station itself speaks […]


Election 2017: Gina Miller backs six London candidates as fighters against ‘extreme Brexit’

The Best for Britain campaign founded by Gina Miller to support general election candidates opposed to a “hard Brexit” has named six London politicians among the 16 across the land* they have initially decided to […]


Sadiq Khan promises strong Labour election fight as party’s London MPs fear for their seats

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has pledged he will be “fighting hard for every Labour vote” at the general election “in the interests of all Londoners and the whole country,” and described it as giving British […]