London’s devolved work and health employment support programme begins

London government today took charge of a programme for helping Londoners who have difficulty finding jobs in the latest devolution of central government powers to the capital. The Department for Work and Pensions has handed down funds for […]


Centre for London Conference 2017: Alison Wolf on upskilling

The various speakers at Centre for London’s 2017 London Conference provided lots to think about, including Peter Mandelson, who contended that Jeremy Corbyn needs to convert Tory voters as well as unifying the anti-Tory vote behind him […]


Hackney Mayor Philip Glanville deserves praise for ‘open discussions’ with residents

On Monday night I had the serious honour of chairing Hackney Mayor Philip Glanville’s very first Mayor’s Question Time before an audience of Hackney residents in the chamber of my home borough’s handsome Town Hall. Mayor […]

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Q&A: Deputy Mayor Jules Pipe on improving Londoners’ skills training

London’s schools and universities are considered world class, but its provisions for equipping young people in particular with vocational skills have long been considered neglected, patchy and confusing. This has led to some of the capital’s […]

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Hard Times

Sadiq Khan announces new drive to improve Londoners’ skills training

A taskforce for helping unemployed and low paid Londoners benefit more from the city’s economic growth has been set up by London Mayor Sadiq, with particular emphasis on the young. Chaired by Khan’s deputy mayor for planning, […]

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Lidl did we know that a German supermarket chain would show that ‘London is Open’

London Mayor Sadiq Khan’s meeting with German foreign minister Sigmar Gabriel yesterday to assure him that that the British capital remains open to German investment coincided quite deliciously with news emerging that he’s approved plans […]