Grenfell inquiry might confound the “bad city” London narrative

Throughout the year since the Grenfell Tower disaster, political activists, many journalists and a pack of social media agitators have been telling the world – and each other – a story about who was to blame, much of […]


Kensington & Chelsea leader asks for ‘united council’ and pledges to ‘reach out to all communities’

Elizabeth Campbell, the Conservative leader of Kensington & Chelsea Council (RBKC), has urged her Labour opponents to “reach consensus” and “work together” with her new administration, and challenged councillors of all parties, including her fellow […]


Kensington & Chelsea must be run by politicians, not protesters

The most preposterous example of Corbynite hubris during the recent borough election campaigns was the notion that Labour would turn the Tories out of the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea (RBKC). Anyone bothering to look at […]


Labour has become still stronger in London but weaknesses have been exposed

Competition over the meaning of Labour’s results on Thursday has been almost as fierce as the battle for votes itself, with the more fervent of Jeremy Corbyn’s admirers insisting that the party’s failure to hit […]


Why London Tories could be crushed on 3 May – and why they might not

It is no wonder that many of the capital’s Conservatives are anticipating 3 May with dread. So much of the evidence points to them heading for a dreadful drubbing at the borough elections you couldn’t […]


Will EU citizens use London borough elections to send a message on Brexit?

Valentina Cipriani is doing a masters course in international journalism at City University. This is her first piece for On London. London’s borough elections on 3 May could be the last time non-UK EU citizens […]


It’s official – only 20 of Kensington & Chelsea’s 37 Tory councillors are defending their seats

Almost half of Kensington and Chelsea’s 37 Conservative councillors will not be defending their seats on 3 May, following a sometimes rancorous Tory candidate selection process. Only 20 of those currently holding seats are seeking […]


Culture wars and Neighbourhood Plans: a crisis of identity in Knightsbridge

Density brings tensions with it and there are few places as dense, and few groups as capable of articulating tension, as Knightsbridge and its well organised residents. It’s a rare Londoner who doesn’t have a […]


Place, politics and people: what do we mean by ‘segregation’ in London?

At City Lab, a US site concerned with cities of the future, Richard Florida asked political scientist Ryan Enos about how urban geography relates to political conflicts. Enos set out his view that the separation […]


Earls Court: council rejects mooted new Capco masterplan and restates call for ‘return’ of housing estates

A lot has happened since July 2013 when the then Mayor Boris Johnson praised proposals for redeveloping a big chunk of Earls Court as a “landmark project”, but most of has happened wasn’t planned. By now, a […]