Westminster: Labour pledges to extend planning protections to ‘unique’ Soho and Chinatown

Labour have intensified their message to Westminster voters concerned that property development in the Central London borough has got out of control by pledging to use the council’s planning powers to help protect “unique” and “iconic” areas […]


Rokhsana Fiaz defeats Sir Robin Wales to become Labour candidate for Newham Mayor

Long-serving Newham Mayor Sir Robin Wales has been defeated in a Labour Party selection contest that will almost certainly see him succeeded by London’s first female directly elected mayor in May. Sir Robin, 63, lost […]


Labour’s Newham mayor contest too close to call, both sides say

The outcome of the contest between Sir Robin Wales and Councillor Rokhsana Fiaz to become Labour’s mayoral candidate in Newham will end on Friday lunchtime and effectively decide who bosses the borough for the next four […]


Things you will not read in Croydon News

A website called Croydon News has recently appeared, advising its readers that Croydon’s Labour-run council is doing a terrible job: fly-tipping is rife, its planning policies are “hated” and the massive scheme to bring a […]


Labour hopes rise in Westminster as West End Tory stands down

Conservative anxieties about losing control of Westminster City Council to Labour are not being helped by intimations of ructions in their own ranks, with a number of councillors standing down. On Friday, the latest of these, […]


The politics of fair fares: from Livingstone to Khan

The tightening squeeze on Transport for London’s finances has generated a predictable political wrangle over Sadiq Khan’s fares policy, with opponents arguing that his partial freeze is to blame because it’s hitting TfL revenues. This […]


Thank you for making On London’s crowdfunding campaign a success

The five week, all-or-nothing On London crowdfunding campaign drew to a successful close at 8.22 this morning, with a total of £25,401 pledged by a rather magnificent 434 people. The last four or five days […]


When will London’s Conservatives find something positive to say?

A recent YouGov poll for Queen Mary University London produced terrifying figures for London’s Conservatives ahead of May’s borough elections. They suggested that not only Barnet but also Wandsworth and even Westminster are at risk […]


Brent Momentum bonds with Communists. A trip down Memory Lane

News that a branch of Momentum in London and the Communist Party of Britain are holding a public discussion about ways to work together “for a socialist future” has triggered another tremor of déjà vu following […]


Barking & Dagenham: London’s evolution at its eastern frontier

Those running the place might not welcome the reminder, but not so long ago Barking and Dagenham had a significant British National Party presence on its council and the possibility of the BNP’s then leader, Nick […]