Eight of London’s 32 boroughs to have new political leaders

Only four of the capital’s 32 councils underwent changes of political control at the elections a fortnight ago, and in two cases the change was not very significant. The replacement of Conservative administrations in Kingston […]


London’s regeneration tension will not just go away

Looking back at the borough election results, two of the smaller outcomes seem to speak clearly to a larger theme – the heightening tensions arising from property development in various parts of town. One of those two […]


Kensington & Chelsea must be run by politicians, not protesters

The most preposterous example of Corbynite hubris during the recent borough election campaigns was the notion that Labour would turn the Tories out of the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea (RBKC). Anyone bothering to look at […]


New analysis shows London councils ‘running out of road’ as spending cuts continue

London’s local councils are spending 19% less per resident than they were seven years ago when the Conservative-led coalition government began cutting local authority funding, according to a new analysis by think tank Centre For London. […]


Momentum members win Haringey leadership and deputy contests, though Hard Left favourite squeezed out

Councillor Joseph Ejiofor is to be the new leader of Haringey Council after members of the majority Labour Group elected him as their leader. The new deputy leader will be Councillor Emine Ibrahim, also elected earlier […]


Contest to lead Haringey ‘Corbyn Council’ hots up as Lendlease seeks meeting

Update 19:10: I’ve been told that the result of the “indicative secret ballot” reported below was as follows: Zena Brabazon 69 votes Joseph Ejiofor 30 Peray Ahmet 14 Kirsten Hearn 12 Felicia Opoku 3 I’m told […]


Labour has become still stronger in London but weaknesses have been exposed

Competition over the meaning of Labour’s results on Thursday has been almost as fierce as the battle for votes itself, with the more fervent of Jeremy Corbyn’s admirers insisting that the party’s failure to hit […]


Tower Hamlets 2018: Labour’s council win repeats history for Mayor John Biggs

Labour has swept back to a dominant position on Tower Hamlets Council after gaining 20 seats in Thursday’s election, taking its total representation to 42 out of 45 – the third largest seat swing in the capital after the Liberal […]


London borough elections 2018: ten perilous predictions

Predicting the outcomes of elections (or referendums) has been a mug’s game in recent years, with a succession of outcomes failing to match expectations formed from what appeared to be solid prior evidence. With today’s elections […]