New move to join up and devolve London’s criminal justice service

Sadiq Khan and the government have agreed to work out how best to integrate the capital’s diffuse criminal justice organisations and devolve more control over them to London with the aims of reducing reoffending and supporting victims of […]


Sadiq Khan and the challenge of making the case for ‘good growth’

Sadiq Khan announced on Wednesday the award of £24m to 54 cultural, employment, educational and green infrastructure projects, drawing the cash from what he calls his Good Growth Fund. That label is significant. So is City Hall’s […]


Estate regeneration: the case for residents’ ballots

The news that Sadiq Khan will give residents a veto over regeneration schemes on social housing estates will be welcomed by the 350,000 Londoners who might be affected by plans to demolish their homes. Regeneration of […]


Colin Wiles: it really is time for a Green Belt rethink

As this debut piece for On London shows, Colin Wiles has decades of experience in London housing, including with local authorities and housing associations. He is currently a fellow of both the Chartered Institute of […]


Craig McWilliam: now is the time for a bold vision for West End growth

Craig McWilliam is chief executive of Grosvenor Britain and Ireland, which manages the Grosvenor property estate in the heart of the capital, one of its most illustrious. This is his first, very welcome, piece for On London. You […]


Q&A: Bob Neill MP on London Conservatism, Brexit and the capital’s future

Bob Neill has been the Conservative MP for Bromley and Chislehurst since winning a by election in June 2006. Before that he was a member of the very first London Assembly, elected in 2000 and […]


London Mayors at Christmas, past and present

Christmas broadcasts by London Mayors have yet to embed themselves in the festive viewing habits of the capital, but Sadiq Khan has made a decent job of looking back at a year scarred by terrorist attacks and the Grenfell […]


Guest article: Anthony Painter on London and Universal Basic Income

Antony Painter is Director of the Action and Research Centre of the RSA and has been thinking hard about how the idea of a Universal Basic Income (UBI) could be put into effect. This essay, originally […]


With goodwill and good sense, Uber and TfL can work it out

A lot has happened since Friday, when some hoped and many feared that Transport for London was on the point of running Uber out of town. That was never going to happen in the short term and almost certainly […]


What is London ‘affordable’ housing and how can we get more of it?

For the past few weeks, as new parts of the housing supply picture under Sadiq Khan’s mayoralty have emerged, I’ve been intending to write a clear and succinct guide to what is now meant by […]