Millwall & New Bermondsey: after the Dyson report, what next?

In deeming “unfounded” allegations of impropriety and more against Lewisham Council over its handling of the New Bermondsey regeneration scheme of developers Renewal, Lord Dyson wrote: “It is agreed between the key participants to the inquiry, notably the […]


Millwall and New Bermondsey: even the tax issues are not black and white

Earlier this week, I wrote that the dispute between Millwall Football Club and Lewisham Council over the proposed redevelopment of land adjacent to the club is not a tale of  “community resistance” to a venal alliance between “Blairite” […]


Millwall & New Bermondsey: it’s time to get this story straight

For most of 2017 and for some time before, Millwall Football Club, a group of its supporters and the sports pages of the Guardian have been conducting a campaign against the plans of Lewisham Council to have 30 acres […]


Millwall and New Bermondsey: independent report finds claims of impropriety against Lewisham Council ‘unfounded’

Allegations of impropriety against Lewisham Council over its handling of a major redevelopment project in the vicinity of Millwall Football Club have been rejected as “unfounded” by a former senior judge brought in to conduct an independent […]


Tribunal rules against Millwall FC ‘proxy’ over Lewisham land sale price

Millwall Football Club has failed in a Freedom of Information (FoI) bid to force Lewisham Council to disclose a sale price agreed with a property developer for land next to its stadium, and a journalist who has been […]


Lewisham Labour mayoral hopefuls set out differing views on Millwall and New Bermondsey scheme

Three Labour councillors hoping to become the next executive mayor of Lewisham have set out sometimes sharply different positions on a controversial regeneration plan in the borough, which would involve the redevelopment of a 30-acre […]


Lewisham mayor hopeful defends New Bermondsey scheme and criticises Guardian coverage

A contender to become the next Mayor of Lewisham has defended the council’s attempt to use compulsory purchase powers (CPO) to push through a controversial major redevelopment project in South Bermondsey and launched a stinging attack on […]


Millwall & New Bermondsey: allegations against sports centre charity dismissed

A government regulator has found no grounds for concern over a charity set up to build and run a sports centre in Lewisham close to Millwall Football Club as part of the proposed redevelopment of South […]


Battle to become Labour’s Lewisham mayoral candidate gets underway

Update, 28 July 2017: All five Lewisham councillors profiled in the article below have been shortlisted to take part in the candidate selection contest. Ballot papers will be sent out early in September, voting will […]


Millwall & New Bermondsey: Willow Winston gives evidence to FoI tribunal

In a cramped meeting room on Bloomsbury’s elegant Alfred Place, artist Willow Winston, characterised elsewhere as the “unlikely hero in the fight to save Millwall Football Club” from “aggressive redevelopment”, painted a broader background canvas. She […]