Cecil Sagoe: what the introduction of estate regeneration ballots will mean for London

Cecil Sagoe is an assistant policy officer at the housing charity Shelter. This article originally appeared on Shelter’s website. Estate regeneration schemes proposing demolition have been politically controversial over the last decade. Now, the London […]


Southwark councillor demands public apology from Haringey cabinet member for ‘lying’ about estate regeneration plans

The credibility of the new and very different Labour administration running Haringey since the 3 May elections depends on its demonstrating a high degree of competence, both in the eyes of local residents and of fellow […]


Philip Glanville on Hackney: what does it take to improve a place?

Philip Glanville has been Hackney’s directly elected Labour Mayor since September 2016 and before that was a Labour councillor in the borough for ten years, the last three of them as cabinet member for housing.  The […]


How can London learn to love regeneration and embrace the idea of ‘good growth’?

Next month, On London and the London Society are holding a debate about regeneration and how “good growth” can be achieved in a city which urgently needs to build more as its population rises towards 10 million, […]


Liberal Democrats promise ‘fresh start’ for Richmond, as Greens prepare to be ‘critical friends’

The new make-up of Richmond Council will be formalised at a full meeting tonight, with the Liberal Democrats resoundingly back in charge following the recent borough elections, the beaten Conservatives in opposition and the interesting prospect […]


Merton’s estate regenerations: quieter than some

Merton is one of London’s quieter boroughs, despite the two biggest parties fighting close battles for control over it for many years. Perhaps that is why the council’s recent approval of three estate demolition and rebuild […]


Sadiq Khan and the challenge of making the case for ‘good growth’

Sadiq Khan announced on Wednesday the award of £24m to 54 cultural, employment, educational and green infrastructure projects, drawing the cash from what he calls his Good Growth Fund. That label is significant. So is City Hall’s […]


Barking & Dagenham: London’s evolution at its eastern frontier

Those running the place might not welcome the reminder, but not so long ago Barking and Dagenham had a significant British National Party presence on its council and the possibility of the BNP’s then leader, Nick […]


Sadiq Khan’s ‘U-turn’ on estate demolition ballots draws scorn as well as applause

The long-awaited publication of Sadiq Khan’s good practice guide for estate regeneration – entitled Better Homes For Local People – has been greeted with delight by campaigners against estates being demolished without this first being approved by […]


Earls Court: council rejects mooted new Capco masterplan and restates call for ‘return’ of housing estates

A lot has happened since July 2013 when the then Mayor Boris Johnson praised proposals for redeveloping a big chunk of Earls Court as a “landmark project”, but most of has happened wasn’t planned. By now, a […]