Brexit will make London less safe unless government acts on security concerns, says Sadiq Khan

Sadiq Khan has said that Londoners’ safety will be put at risk unless the government pays more attention to the security implications of leaving the European Union in its Brexit negotiations. At his monthly Mayor’s […]


EU nationals leaving London businesses and feeling less welcome, new survey finds

Nearly one third of non-UK European Union nationals employed by businesses in London say they have felt less welcome in the UK following its vote to leave the EU last June, according to new research conducted for […]


Neither May’s Brexit vision nor Corbyn’s old time religion meet London’s needs

No party won the general election and neither the Conservatives nor Labour offered programmes that were convincing for London, on whose economic strength the post-Brexit nation will depend even more heavily than it does now. Both […]


Election 2017: a gloomy prognosis from all parties on London’s NHS

BBC London’s Karl Mercer has set out some big numbers about the National Health Service in London: Each year 60 million GP consultations take place, roughly 165,000 a day. Nearly £18bn is spent on the NHS […]


Guest Comment: Labour’s Matthew Pennycook has mislaid his manners over Brexit

Let’s talk about Greenwich and Woolwich. Because we shouldn’t need to talk about Greenwich and Woolwich, but reports from the doorstep suggest we do. Labour canvassers in this solid Labour seat tell of people saying […]


Election 2017: Tory education plans for London are state-sponsored stupidity

Back in the early 1990s, when my eldest children were very young, London’s state schools were widely seen as disastrous. That was unfair because not all of them were bad, but the truth is that many were. […]


Military personnel deployed in London as Sadiq Khan vows city ‘will never be cowed by terrorism’

Members of the armed forces will be visible on the capital’s streets from today following the decision by national security services to raise the national terror threat level to “critical” in the wake of the […]


Election 2017: what does the Conservative manifesto promise London?

It’s a long time since the manifestos of Britain’s two biggest parties contrasted as sharply as those of Labour and the Conservatives do at this general election. But on one thing they agree: that London […]