The politics of fair fares: from Livingstone to Khan

The tightening squeeze on Transport for London’s finances has generated a predictable political wrangle over Sadiq Khan’s fares policy, with opponents arguing that his partial freeze is to blame because it’s hitting TfL revenues. This […]


The overblown Garden Bridge show now looks over

Boris Johnson’s appearance before the GLA oversight committee yesterday was, unsurprisingly, largely a revival of the old Mayor Boris Show, complete with close attention from those in the Big Media who think they smell about […]


Things that might mess up the opening of Crossrail

We both have and have not travelled this way before. Large transport projects in London, be they major Tube upgrades or measures to keep the city moving during major events, most notably the 2012 Olympics, inevitably […]


Restraining car use is best way to increase cycling in London, says report

The case for Londoners cycling more and driving less is pretty much unanswerable. Yet for all the media and financial support cycling has received in recent years, it continues to form a tiny part of the […]


Q&A: Bob Neill MP on London Conservatism, Brexit and the capital’s future

Bob Neill has been the Conservative MP for Bromley and Chislehurst since winning a by election in June 2006. Before that he was a member of the very first London Assembly, elected in 2000 and […]


Oxford Street transformation: where will all the buses go?

Buses are the public transport soul of this city, the workhorse mode of EveryLondoner. That is why their forthcoming removal from our most famous shopping street – Oxford Street – under Sadiq Khan’s pedestrianisation plans is […]


Let’s nationalise the railways in London – or maybe not

A recent survey conducted for City Hall showed considerable passenger dissatisfaction with the national railways serving London, by contrast with the London Overground services operated by Transport for London. The implication was hard to miss: […]


London road fatalities ‘lowest on record’

The number of people killed on London’s roads has fallen to its lowest level since records began, with an overall reduction of 45% covering users of all transport forms, including walking during 2016 compared with an average […]