Oxford Street pedestrianisation debacle shows that Nimbys have more power than the Mayor

Westminster Council’s decision to dump plans for the pedestrianisation of Oxford Street following two years of painstaking consensus-building designed to finally rescue the capital’s premier shopping street from polluted, congested decline has exposed with depressing […]


The mid-term Sadiq Khan has some big transport challenges ahead

Two years since he became London Mayor, Sadiq Khan’s transport policies, including what he requires of Transport for London (TfL), are as sharply contested now as they were during his election campaign. The focus of attention […]


Will London’s cycling gender gap close because of ‘superhighways’?

A recent observation that London’s dedicated cycling lanes – its “cycle superhighways” – and other cycling infrastructure are dominated by men and have therefore failed to “normalise” cycling in London produced sustained Twitter derision of a familiar […]


The politics of fair fares: from Livingstone to Khan

The tightening squeeze on Transport for London’s finances has generated a predictable political wrangle over Sadiq Khan’s fares policy, with opponents arguing that his partial freeze is to blame because it’s hitting TfL revenues. This […]


The overblown Garden Bridge show now looks over

Boris Johnson’s appearance before the GLA oversight committee yesterday was, unsurprisingly, largely a revival of the old Mayor Boris Show, complete with close attention from those in the Big Media who think they smell about […]


Things that might mess up the opening of Crossrail

We both have and have not travelled this way before. Large transport projects in London, be they major Tube upgrades or measures to keep the city moving during major events, most notably the 2012 Olympics, inevitably […]


Restraining car use is best way to increase cycling in London, says report

The case for Londoners cycling more and driving less is pretty much unanswerable. Yet for all the media and financial support cycling has received in recent years, it continues to form a tiny part of the […]