Why London Tories could be crushed on 3 May – and why they might not

It is no wonder that many of the capital’s Conservatives are anticipating 3 May with dread. So much of the evidence points to them heading for a dreadful drubbing at the borough elections you couldn’t […]


Westminster: Labour pledges to extend planning protections to ‘unique’ Soho and Chinatown

Labour have intensified their message to Westminster voters concerned that property development in the Central London borough has got out of control by pledging to use the council’s planning powers to help protect “unique” and “iconic” areas […]


When will London’s Conservatives find something positive to say?

A recent YouGov poll for Queen Mary University London produced terrifying figures for London’s Conservatives ahead of May’s borough elections. They suggested that not only Barnet but also Wandsworth and even Westminster are at risk […]


Culture wars and Neighbourhood Plans: a crisis of identity in Knightsbridge

Density brings tensions with it and there are few places as dense, and few groups as capable of articulating tension, as Knightsbridge and its well organised residents. It’s a rare Londoner who doesn’t have a […]


It will take more than a Twitter flurry to end the homelessness crisis

This week in London a man died outside the Houses of Parliament. Not “a homeless man”. Not “a rough sleeper”. A man. A man who “lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow.” Predictably, social media soon […]


Higher education participation in London is widening, says new report

For the first time there are more Londoners in some form of higher education in the capital whose parents didn’t go to university than Londoners with parents who did, according to new research for London Councils. […]


Vic Keegan’s Lost London 9: the Westminster opera house that never was

Pictured above is what would have been Europe’s, and maybe the world’s, grandest opera house, on a site between the Embankment and Whitehall, close to Westminster Underground station. You think I’m kidding? It was very […]


London through a young photographer’s eyes

Earlier this year, I asked Max Curwen-Bingley, a Bristol-based film documentary student and aspiring photographer from Essex, to take his camera into Central London and see what caught his eye. The view above of the Palace […]


Fewer overseas EU nationals registering for work, says new report

The number of workers from other EU nations migrating to London fell substantially in the first part of this year compared with the same period in 2016, according to data compiled by the think tank Centre For […]