Jack Brown: the government’s Stronger Towns Fund ignores London’s poor communities

If, for some strange reason, you need a reminder of where British politics is at right now, have a look at how Monday’s announcement of the government new £1.6 billion Stronger Towns Fund has been received. This is a new pot of money to be invested on a “needs-based formula” designed to “boost growth and […]

Jack Brown: London must play its part in reuniting the UK after Brexit

As a capital city, London has an important job to do. It gives a home to national government. It is a base for business and a hub for jobs and opportunity. It showcases the country on an international stage. It supports the nation. But is London doing its job properly? People across the country feel […]

Jack Brown: Rush hour Tube etiquette – unspoken rules and why they matter

My name is Jack Brown and I have used public transport in London all my adult life. However, over the past few months, the frequency with which I commute at rush hour using the Underground has increased. I am fortunate in that I live at the (best) end of the Victoria Line, and so am […]

Jack Brown: We need to bridge the gap between London and the rest of the UK

London needs more than £35 billion of investment in its five biggest infrastructure projects, according to a recent Mayor of London-commissioned report by Greenwood Strategic Advisers, Mind the Gap. This investment could boost the UK’s economy by nearly £34 billion a year by 2050 and increase HM Treasury’s tax take by almost £10 billion a year […]

Comment: Jack Brown on why we shouldn’t worry too much about the London Stadium

At the beginning of this month, the Mayor’s office released a critical report on the management of the London Stadium, formerly the Olympic Stadium and now the home of West Ham United. The report, by accountants Moore Stephens, accompanied the news that Sadiq Khan is fully taking over the public sector’s ongoing responsibility for the stadium, […]

Chris Brown: Planning powers, delinquent owners and the agony of Mitcham Cricket Club

As the country basks in the summer heroics of Ben Stokes, Jack Leach and the rest of the England cricket team – or not, depending on how the final two matches in the Ashes series against Australia turn out – it is depressing to watch, down in South London, the long, drawn out agony of […]

London must up its game to remain ‘head office’ for world business, says report

London remains a top global destination for international business headquarters ahead of Singapore, Dubai, Hong Kong, New York and Paris, but its status is far from secure, according to a new report from think tank Centre for London. Launching the report today, its co-author, Jack Brown, described London’s attraction for global business as “a success […]

Dave Hill: Blaming London will not make the UK more equal or fair

Blaming London for the problems of other parts of the UK is very far from new, with a history stretching back to well before even William Cobbett’s famous denigration of it as “the great wen“. There has, though, been an escalation of anti-London attitudes in recent years, much of it ignorant and some of it […]