Q&A: Sir Robin Wales on his record, the ‘trigger ballot’ saga and why he deserves a fifth term as Newham Mayor

Newham Mayor Sir Robin Wales is long serving local authority leader in a part of East London undergoing massive change. He now faces a re-selection contest after a controversial “trigger ballot” outcome was nullified. Such is Labour’s dominance across Newham that whoever wins the selection vote will almost certainly be elected Mayor in May. I […]

Labour Newham re-run mayoral trigger ballot result: entrails and implications

Labour’s London region has announced that an open selection contest will be held between 1-16 March for party members in Newham to choose their candidate for borough mayor on 3 May. This follows a re-run of the affirmative nomination process or “trigger ballot” originally held in autumn 2016. The re-run generated a resounding “no” to […]

Newham Labour mayor ‘trigger ballot’ – ten branches back open selection contest

Labour Party members in one of Newham’s two parliamentary constituencies have voted overwhelmingly in favour of a members-only open selection ballot to choose their candidate for May’s mayoral election in the borough. On London understands that individual votes taken in all ten ward branches of the West Ham Constituency Labour Party (CLP) resulted in a clean […]

Labour sets Newham mayor ‘trigger ballot’ re-run dates

The re-run process for deciding if Sir Robin Wales will again be Labour’s mayoral candidate for Newham without having to win a separate selection contest will be completed by the end of 11 February, according a timetable set by the party’s London regional body. Voting arrangements for members of Labour ward branches within the East Ham parliamentary constituency […]

Newham mayor ‘trigger ballot’ to be re-run by Labour region

The process which led to Sir Robin Wales being endorsed to seek a fifth term as Labour Mayor of Newham is to be re-run following claims by party members first made a year ago that a number of alleged irregularities had made “a material difference to the result”. In an email sent out this evening, […]

Newham mayor ‘trigger ballot’ campaigners to continue legal challenge

Labour Party members in Newham seeking to overturn the re-selection of Sir Robin Wales as their mayoral candidate next year have hit an initial target of £10,000 to pursue a legal case against their party’s governing body. In January, Labour’s National Executive Committee (NEC) declined a request to investigate the affirmative nomination process or “trigger ballot” held last […]

Newham Mayor trigger ballot: the intriguing tale of the TSSA vote

Among complaints still being pursued by Labour members in Newham about how Sir Robin Wales was re-selected as mayoral candidate for next year – making him near certain to boss the Town Hall in that role for an unprecedented fifth term – is one concerning how the TSSA union came to give him its support. After all, […]

Newham mayor ‘trigger ballot’ dispute: new readers start here

Next May, Sir Robin Wales will be elected executive Mayor of Newham for the fifth time in a row, extending his leadership of the East London borough in that post, which he first won at its inaugural election in 2002. He will be, that is, unless one of two things stops him. One would be his […]