A New Year’s Eve thank you to readers of OnLondon.co.uk

A New Year’s Eve thank you to readers of OnLondon.co.uk

Running a serious, multi-contributor news, comment and analysis website about a city of nine million people single-handed from a small room in my house in Hackney is a full-on, non-stop, seven day a week, often exhausting job, with all the admin and financial demands that go with running a micro business on top of writing, editing and commissioning the journalism.

Happily, it is also a job that gives me great satisfaction, and much of that is down to the thousands of people who read and support it. That means you. Thank you.

During 2023, On London has published 455 articles of various kinds, ranging from detailed discussions of transport policy to restaurant reviews, by over 50 different writers.

Readership numbers have increased and so has the number of people supporting the site with £5 or £50 a year, in return for which they’ve been receiving my weekly newsletter On London Extra and offers of free tickets to London events addressing subjects such as community engagement and whether Greater London should be made larger – not to mention the Christmas Party and End of Year Review.

My media empire’s bank account has also been kept in the black by a “supported content” project with EC BID and by paying subscribers to the personal Substack I launched in April, which, as well as sending out articles by me provides another way to receive the newsletter.

Separately from running On London, in 2023 I have also researched, scripted and presented three documentary podcasts for The London Society’s London Explained series, working in partnership with top radio producer (and much more) Andrew McGibbon of Curtains for Radio Ltd. Only one of those – about the Earl’s Court regeneration plans – has gone on general release so far. Watch out for the other two early in 2024 and more to follow.

I also wrote the Introduction to a forthcoming book about a celebrated London regeneration scheme, and completed and published my London novel Frightgeist, written as John Vane (and, since you ask, available directly from me or from the excellent Pages of Hackney.).

I am already making plans for On London‘s output in 2024, which promises to be an epic year.

Be sure to stick with me!

Thank you again,

Dave Hill (Editor and publisher, OnLondon.co.uk)

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