I take the romantic view that I cannot be alone in wanting broader and deeper coverage of London – its politics, its development, its culture and the debate about how to make it a better place. There many good journalists and others writing and broadcasting about the capital, but a fully-dedicated London website that seeks to understand and explain how this extraordinary city is changing in these uncertain times has long been missing. I hope On London goes some way to filling that gap.

Since it was launched on 1 February 2017, On London has grown from a quiet, modest affair into something bigger and better that I believe I can keep going and growing. I raised over £25,000 through a crowdfunding campaign in February and early March 2018 and have spent a chunk of that money on a new, bespoke site – created by the excellent Hutch Agency – which launched in September.

I’m now trying to increase the amount of content the site carries to around 50 pieces a month and to also increase the number of contributors, so that at least half of the material is produced by someone other than me. I am currently able to pay very small sums to student journalists and genuine freelancers. I hope that with time I will be able to do more. The site carries no adverts to annoy you and has no paywall. It is currently funded by a combination of donations from readers, my dwindling personal savings and any income I can make from consultancy work and writing elsewhere.

I want On London to become a home of good writing about this extraordinary city and I welcome any help and support you can give. Thanks.

Dave Hill, October 2018.