Aylesbury estate regeneration: Residents’ stories on film

Aylesbury estate regeneration: Residents’ stories on film

Housing estate regenerations are big, complex, disruptive and often messy, welcomed by some, resented by others and experienced by individuals affected by them in an array of different ways. Media coverage of such schemes and those who live in the homes involved is often partial and one-dimensional, focussing on conflict and shaped by ideology. This 16 minute film, featuring four residents of the huge Aylesbury estate in Southwark, takes another approach. It’s all about the stories the people in it tell.

Interviews and narration by me, Dave Hill, filming and editing by the marvellous Max Curwen-Bingley, except for the footage of Tyrell, which was shot by the fabulous Shfitz. We would like to sincerely thank our interviewees Sheila, Sandy, Omobolaji and Tyrell for their time, their insights and their patience. Thank you too to Chris Cotton and to Nick Street for letting us borrow a bit of his famous ident riposte.

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