Become a supporter of – independent journalism about the UK’s capital city

Become a supporter of – independent journalism about the UK’s capital city

This website was born in a much more basic form on 1 February 2017 after the Guardian decided it no longer wanted to publish my freelance columns covering London’s politics, development and culture. Since then On London has evolved into a multi-contributor platform with a growing readership and over 300 supporters who collectively provide most of the website’s income. As On London‘s fifth birthday nears, I want to give that number a boost.

Why consider becoming an On London supporter? Well…

  • On London publishes many of the best writers on key London issues, including frequent  contributors Lewis Baston, Jack Brown, Richard Brown, Richard Derecki, Christabel Cooper, Alexander Jan, Morgan Jones, Victor Keegan, Anya Martin, Joshua Neicho, Tony Travers and Charles Wright.
  • On London is truly independent. The site is owned and edited by me, its shoestring finances are not underwritten by any larger, controlling organisation or individual and it carries no intrusive advertising or sponsored links that incentivise clickbait or “outrage” journalism.
  • On London knows its own mind. In a time of rampant populism and reductive politics, the website and its writers recognise that building The Good City is difficult and complex, and seeks to explain what is really going on and what it really takes to get things done.
  • On London sticks up for London in a time when the city is wrongly seen by many as the nation’s enemy and national government seems intent on weakening its economy (despite knowing its vital importance to the UK’s) and eroding its political autonomy (despite claiming to favour devolution).
  • On London recognises that London has huge problems – with poverty, congestion, housing costs and more – as well as great strengths, matchless opportunities and enduring attractions for people from all over the UK and the world. Those problems need to be addressed with renewed urgency as Covid-19 continues to take its toll

And finally, if you become an On London supporter you will get things for your money. For a minimum of just £5 a month or £50 a year you will receive my for-supporters-only Thursday evening newsletter On London Extra, which pulls together London news, views, information and gossip from a wide variety of sources, and be entitled to free entry to On London online events.

You will also, of course, be helping the website and its writers to keep going and growing throughout 2022, when Londoners will vote in May’s borough elections, when the city will mark ten years since hosting a glorious Olympic Games and London will continue striving to recover from the pandemic.

You can become a supporter by way of any of the donate links on the website itself (which take you here) or, if you prefer, you can pay straight into my media empire’s bank account. Email for details. Thank you.

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