John Vane: Roy’s Summer of Sport (Tuesday 10 July 2012) Car park in Chinatown

John Vane: Roy’s Summer of Sport (Tuesday 10 July 2012) Car park in Chinatown

Roy drove to his office early, parked outside on a yellow line and after a dozen frantic shuttles up and down the stairs closed the boot on a heap of junk he had yet to reject. He drove back home to Purley and unloaded the whole lot into the space in the garage he’d created by moving the boxes of stuff from the old house indoors. Now that he had everything that needed sorting out gathered in one location, the imposition of order could really begin. Roy was pleased with what he’d achieved – so pleased that he lay down and switched on the TV.

There was no Tour de France – it was a rest day. Roy was annoyed, the more so after discovering that he’d missed Wiggins winning a stage the day before. He flicked through some channels, found a shopping show that sent him into a trance, and then his mind veered down a new avenue of distant memory.

With Kristie there had been no rush into sex, but that hadn’t bothered Roy. After Holly and Sally he’d formed the view that a relationship constructed gradually through a traditional courtship was a sign of growing maturity.

After the first cheek kiss had come a second and a third. On their fourth date, a trip to a West End theatre, he and Kristie wandered through Chinatown after the show. It was a hot, crowded night and the effect of this was to draw them nearer to each other, bodies and minds, separating them into the protecting bond of each other’s closer company.

As they’d approached the darkened doorway of the multi-storey where Roy had parked his car they had dissolved into their first clinch. Once they were in the car, Kristie had reached across and undone Roy’s trouser button and zip. Her fingers were small and clever. She’d expertly secured a quick result.

This surprise initiative inspired in Roy a jealous interest in others on whom Kristie might have conferred the same dextrous treat, speculating madly in the privacy of his own head about the two former boyfriends she had briefly mentioned, in each case with small hints of kindly disparagement that Roy had seized upon with surging greed.

He’d realised that he needed caring for. And when the time had come for him and Kristie to share the bed of the basement flat of the Holland Park home her parents were renting at the time she’d taken off all her clothes and given her whole self to Roy. He had accepted gladly, shown that he wanted to care for her too, and they were wed before the year was through.

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