London through a young photographer’s eyes

London through a young photographer’s eyes

Earlier this year, I asked Max Curwen-Bingley, a Bristol-based film documentary student and aspiring photographer from Essex, to take his camera into Central London and see what caught his eye. The view above of the Palace of Westminster and Big Ben as sighted from behind a Trafalgar Square lion is one of them. Then come some London pigeons.

The shot below of a man begging as busy street life carries on around him is very affecting.

Armed police, sadly now a familiar sight. With added guardsman.

A solitary figure on a Tube escalator.

I like this one for the colours and the scooter and the mix of activity and tranquility.

And finally…the Palace and Big Ben again, espied from beside Westminster Bridge.

Max is an Arsenal fan. For his views on Aaron Ramsey and more, follow him on Twitter.





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