Poem: London Walker, by Victor Keegan

Poem: London Walker, by Victor Keegan

London Walker


Slow down.

Sell the car.

Get off the bus

Ignore the bike.

Hit the ground walking

Be led.

Down alleys,

around corners,

along canals

through churches

let the buildings do the stalking

Stop staring at those passing faces

On a conveyor belt to God knows where.

Don’t walk the streets

Let them walk you

Duck the straight line of the road ahead,

the linear prison of the motorist’s eye

Walk, walk, up, down, around town,

don’t ask why.

Here, there, stop,




take pride

Let the nooks and crannies be your guide

Unlock the history that cities always hide

 in townscaped mystery

From uncurious commuters they can’t abide.

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