Poem: The Invisible Source of the Thames. By Victor Keegan

Poem: The Invisible Source of the Thames. By Victor Keegan

The Invisible Source of the Thames


I walk by the Thames I know so well

Caught again by a riverine spell

I know you well but I know you not

An endless flow without a plot

You rise from a field in Gloucestershire

Which in summer is just a dried up mire

I went there once to stop and stare

At a beloved river that wasn’t there

For much of the year its source is dry

Nothing there for the naked eye

Then suddenly without warning this source so fickle

Rises from the dead to become a trickle

And never wishing to admit defeat

It flexes its muscles from a height of 360 feet

Above sea level and then makes merrie

On a zig-zag journey to the Thames estuary

Which is 160 miles away but en route

Salt water repels its daily commute

Where it came from or where it is going

We have  no way of easily knowing

Except to rejoice that behind this fuss

The Thames is really part of us

Our every breath so the scientists say

Has molecules of Ceasar’s breath gone astray

The Thames rolls on with  bits of you and me

And everyone else that you can see

Poets could tell you more

But It’s our river for sure

And a cause of sombre elation

Molecules in continuous recreation

Nature and humans together belong

Sweet Thames run softly till we end our song.

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