Pro-Palestine protests in London: arrests and charges so far

Pro-Palestine protests in London: arrests and charges so far

The approach of the Metropolitan Police to the succession of protest marches in London that have followed Israel’s military response to the Hamas attack on Israel of 7 October has come under political pressure from the very top of national government and from others who argue that numerous offences committed on the marches go unchallenged.

For its part, the Met and Commissioner Sir Mark Rowley have consistently maintained that they have taken the right approach to policing the events, several of which have been attended by many thousands of people. Rowley has promised that the Met will be “ruthless” in enforcing the law but also asked for greater clarity in the legal definition of extremism.

Marches of any kind in London can be banned by the Home Secretary – not the Mayor of London, who does not have that legal power – if the Met Commissioner requests it.

On London asked the Met for the latest figures for arrests and charges relating to pro-Palestine protest marches, including yesterday’s.

For readers’ information, since protests began in the week following 7 October, there have been 327 arrests, including nine yesterday – three for inciting racial hatred, two for a racially-aggravated public order offence, one for being in possession of items for causing criminal damage (specifically stickers), and three, under the Terrorism Act, on suspicion of supporting a proscribed organisation (specifically leaflets).

There have been 43 protest-related charges brought so far and the Met says “a significant number of other people remain on bail pending further enquiries”.

The Met also has a page on its website showing images of people who’ve attended protests they are appealing for information about.

The Met’s response to the Israel-Gaza conflict as it affects London is called Operation Brock.

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