London Assembly Election Results 2021

London Assembly Election Results 2021

The line-up of the new 25-member London Assembly is: Labour 11 seats, Conservatives 9, Green Party 3 and the Liberal Democrats 2.

In 2016, the balance was Labour 12, Conservatives 8, Green 2, UKIP 2 and Lib Dems 1. What happened?

There was no change in any of the 14 Assembly constituency seats, each of which is represented by a single Assembly Member (AM) elected by a first past the post electoral system. Their political composition remains: Labour 9 and Conservatives 5.

There was, however, significant change in the composition of the 11 Londonwide seats compared with the election of 2016. These members are elected by means of a form of proportional representation, enabling smaller parties to have a voice at City Hall.

There are now four Conservative Londonwide AMs (+1), three from the Green Party, (+1), two from Labour (-1) and two from the Liberal Democrats (+1). In 2016, UKIP won two Londonwide Assembly seats but that party has won none in 2021.

Seven of the 14 London Assembly constituency results were declared on the evening of Friday 7 May and the other seven on the evening of Saturday 8 May. Each declaration also announced the votes for the Londonwide party list section of the Assembly election cast in that constituency. There will be separate On London coverage of how constituencies voted for mayoral candidates in the next few days.



Bexley & Bromley


Conservatives: 97,966

Labour: 47,389

Green: 21,600

Liberal Democrats: 13,305

Reform UK: 5,861

The Tory majority rose from 41,669 to 50,577. That is probably thanks to the disappearance of the hefty UKIP vote of five years ago, much of which will have swung behind the Conservatives this time. Peter Fortune become a new Assembly Member, succeeding Gareth Bacon, one of the Tory group’s most effective inquisitors, who became MP for Orpington in 2019.

Londonwide List

Conservatives: 92,819

Labour: 41,551

Green Party: 19,192

Liberal Democrats: 10,218


Brent & Harrow

Constituency: LABOUR HOLD

Labour: 77,782

Conservative: 56,560

Green: 17,472

Lib Dem: 14,783

Reform UK: 3,916

Krupesh Hirani succeeds the retiring Navin Shah as constituency AM, retaining almost exactly the same vote share as Shah secured in 2106 (45.6 percent compared with 45.7)

Londonwide list

Labour: 66,701

Conservative: 60,269

Green: 14,127

Lib Dem 8,831


Ealing & Hillingdon

Constituency: LABOUR HOLD

Labour: 85,216

Conservative: 76,974

Green: 22,620

Lib Dem: 16,435

Reform UK: 7,415

Onkar Sahota Retains his seat comfortably though with a reduced majority.

Londonwide list

Labour: 79,281

Conservative: 72,377

Green: 19,653

Lib Dem: 10,919


Havering & Redbridge


Conservative: 77,268

Labour: 61,941

Green: 13,683

Lib Dem: 8,150

Reform UK: 5,134

TUSC: 1,856

Although a marginal on the face of it, this was always going to be hard for Labour’s Judith Garfield to win from Tory Keith Prince because the large UKIP vote from 2016 swing behind him this time.

Londonwide list

Conservative: 73,657

Labour: 55,903

Green: 12,002

Lib Dem: 5,570


North East

Constituency: LABOUR HOLD

Labour: 112,739

Green: 43,601

Conservative: 41,398

Lib Dem: 14,827

Sem Moema succeeds Jennette Arnold for this seat which covers Hackney, Islington and Waltham Forest. Caroline Russell for the Greens came an impressive second.

Londonwide list

Labour: 105,520

Green: 37,353

Conservative: 36,853

Lib Dem: 11,091


Lambeth & Southwark

Constituency: LABOUR HOLD

Labour: 91,949

Green: 36,933

Conservative: 30,855

Lib Dem: 20,920

Reform UK: 3,917

TUSC: 2,919

Marina Ahmad succeeds Florence Eshalomi, who became MP for Vauxhall in 2019, in this ultra-safe Labour seat.

Londonwide list

Labour: 83,844

Green 33,406

Conservative: 29,213

Lib Dem: 15,984


West Central


Conservative: 55,163

Labour: 52,938

Green: 16,427

Lib Dem: 13,462

Reform UK: 1,954

Let London Live: 1,977

Tony Devenish has come very close to being unseated by Labour’s Rita Begum. His 2016 majority was 14,564, so the swing is very significant.

Londonwide list

Conservative: 51,435

Labour: 46,364

Green: 16,320

Lib Dem: 10,742 



Barnet & Camden

Constituency: LABOUR HOLD

Labour: 75,180

Conservative: 62,178

Green: 22,180

Lib Dem: 14,172

Reform UK: 4,107

Anne Clarke has retained this for Labour with room to spare in a seat her party cannot take for granted. She is a new AM and succeeds the very distinguished Andrew Dismore.

Londonwide list

Labour 64,039

Conservative: 60,902

Green 21,239

Lib Dem: 11,536


City & East

Constituency: LABOUR HOLD

Labour: 125,025

Conservative: 46,718

Green: 25,598

Lib Dem: 14,136.

Reform UK: 9,060

Unmesh Desai is returned to City Hall by a massive majority with the Tories’ Nick Vandyke finishing second.

Londonwide list

Labour: 116,148

Conservative: 44,957

Green: 20,106

Lib Dem: 9,001


Croydon & Sutton


Conservative: 75,246

Labour: 56,975

Lib Dem: 26,258

Green: 18,069

Reform UK: 3,190

Let London Live: 2,021

Neil Garratt has held this semi-marginal seat for his party and will take over at City Hall from the long-serving Steve o”Connell.

Londonwide list

Conservative: 71,168

Labour: 53,534

Green: 18,450

Lib Dem: 16,683


Enfield & Haringey

Constituency: LABOUR HOLD

Labour: 81,620

Conservative: 43,626

Green: 21,921

Lib Dem: 17,363

Reform UK: 3,284

Independent: 1,020

A walk in the park for Labour’s Joanne McCartney.

Londonwide list

Labour: 74,654

Conservative: 41,834

Green: 21,128

Lib Dem: 10,100


Greenwich & Lewisham

Constituency: LABOUR HOLD

Labour: 82,048

Conservative: 38,889

Green: 30,808

Lib Dem: 12,744

Reform UK: 3,689

Independent: 1,851

City Hall veteran and Assembly Labour Group leader Len Duvall prevails once more.

Londonwide list

Labour: 75,665

Conservative: 36,001

Green: 24,592

Lib Dem: 9,685


Merton & Wandsworth

Constituency: LABOUR HOLD

Labour: 75,468

Conservative: 60,968

Green: 22,793

Lib Dem: 18,818

A very secure hold for Labour’s Leonie Cooper, who took this off the Tories in 2016.

Londonwide list

Labour: 67,251

Conservative: 55,625

Green: 22,852

Lib Dem: 15,860


South West

Constituency: CONSERVATIVE hold

Conservative: 69,212

Lib Dem: 61,222

Labour: 56,945

Green: 23,135

Reform UK: 3,396

Let London Live: 2,836

Nick Rogers prevailed in this tight three-way contest, defeating Richmond Council leader Gareth Roberts and Labour’s Candice Atterton. He is the successor to Tony Arbour, who had represented the seat since int creation in 2000.

Londonwide list

Conservative: 67,971

Labour: 56,154

Lib Dem: 43,302

Green: 24,978



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