London Festival of Architecture: ULC Bartlett student show

London Festival of Architecture: ULC Bartlett student show

The June-long London Festival of Architecture is now into its final week and since Saturday has included the Bartlett School of Architecture Summer Show at 22 Gordon Street, WC1.

A philistine in the philosophy of spatial and building design, I must confess to finding much of what was on display quite baffling. It’s clear I have a lot to learn. Even so, I was impressed by the range and volume of the work, and my London eye was quickly drawn to a Year 1 project called Inhabiting Spitalfields and a paper installation it produced. See main picture above.

What was the project about? Well, here’s an excerpt from its accompanying explanatory text:

The historic neighbourhood of Spitalfields in East London, famous for its weavers’ garrets and markets, was both the site for the building design project and the inspiration for the installation project. Spitalfields has been home to waves of immigrants from Europe and beyond who have enriched the character of the area with their skills and cultures. For ‘City In A Room’ we worked in nine groups, each designing and making an installation inspired by the life of a displaced character from the history of Spitalfields.

Here’s a close up of part of the work.

 Why not take a look for yourself? The show runs until 7 July.

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