On London is seven years old. Please become a supporter

On London is seven years old. Please become a supporter

It is exactly seven years since this website came into existence in a much simpler form with the aim of continuing the coverage of London’s politics, places and people I had previously been providing elsewhere. Today, it is a multi-contributor news, comment and analysis platform featuring some of the best writers about the capital city there are. It is not the only home of high-quality London journalism, but in its range and depth I believe it is unique.

On London achieves this despite being run by just one person – me – from just one, rather untidy, room in Hackney and depending for most of its income on its readers. The site, by choice, carries no advertising, a surfeit of which makes too many websites unreadable, and has no wealthy backers.

I keep my media empire’s bank balance up with very welcome “supported content” arrangements with suitable organisations and do occasional other work outside the site to help fund its operations. But the bulk of On London‘s income comes from individual supporters paying £5 a month or £50 a year – and getting something in return.

That income enables me to meet the costs of running a very micro business and to pay contributors who depend on writing for their living sums that bear comparison with those of much larger media organisations, as well as providing me with a very modest salary.

It’s a great job to have and the only one I want. As we approach the next elections for the city’s Mayor and Assembly membership I need your help to do it that little bit better, along with the group of knowledgable and talented contributors I depend on. So if you aren’t already an On London supporter, please consider becoming one.

For that £5 a month or £50 a year you will receive in return in my Friday morning newsletter and offers of free invitations to top London events (I’m working on some pre-election specials now).

You can pay using any “donate” button on the website itself, by transfer to the company’s bank account (details available on request) or by becoming a paying subscriber to my personal Substack. On London is a special little website with a big year ahead. I can promise you that not one penny of your money will go to waste.

Many thanks, Dave Hill (founder, publisher, editor and occasional fundraiser).

Note: On London will not be accepting as new supporters anyone contesting the London elections of 2 May or whom I know to be working for any candidate’s campaign.

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