Poem. I’m Up. By Julie Hamill

Poem. I’m Up. By Julie Hamill

I’m Up


Builders drill and cut and tap

Starlings land on wires for a chirp

Low jazz floats out a window


A helicopter chugs overhead

A smooth electric car whirrs by

It splashes through a puddle


A woman walks on one side of a phone call

She’s late and apologetic

Signal failure at Dollis Hill


A car boot opens and shuts

Suitcase wheels roll over pavement squares

Sounds like a Bee Gees intro


The rain has stopped but it drips off the gutter

Seagulls make demands of each other

What are they doing in Gladstone Park?


A plane roars for a few seconds

That neighbour coughs in fits and instants

A siren blares in the distance


A polite breeze gently rattles our fence post

I rumble for breakfast

I think marmite on toast


The stairs creak under my feet

I’m up, London, I’m up.



Julie Hamill is a novelist, a radio presenter and more. Follow her on X/Twitter.

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