Caroline Pidgeon to speak at London Brexit debate

Caroline Pidgeon to speak at London Brexit debate

Liberal Democrat London Assembly Member and former London Mayor candidate Caroline Pidgeon is to speak at the forthcoming debate about what Brexit will mean for the capital organised by On London and the London Society.

Pidgeon will join Labour peer, former minister and leading anti-Brexit campaigner Andrew Adonis in making the case that Brexit will be bad for London at the event to be held on 13 September at Conway Hall.

Also already booked to speak is Daniel Moylan, a senior London Conservative who worked for leading Brexiter Boris Johnson when he was London Mayor, largely on transport issues. Moylan has argued that a successful Brexit will make London more global.

Pidgeon, who is a member of the Assembly’s EU Exit Working Group, has warned that pulling out of Europe could result in London losing billions of pounds in investment in major infrastructure projects, because it will no longer have access to the European Investment Bank. Like London Mayor Sadiq Khan, she has also expressed concern that Brexit could undermine the security of London and the rest of the UK.

The London Brexit debate is the second event On London and the 100 year-old London Society have organised together. The first, on regeneration, took place in June and was sold out. Reduced price tickets for the London Brexit debate are available for a limited period here.

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