Letter from Grant Shapps shows that government proposed enlarging London congestion charge zone

Letter from Grant Shapps shows that government proposed enlarging London congestion charge zone

The government proposed that Transport for London should massively extend the capital’s current congestion charge zone to the North and South Circular roads, On London can confirm, undermining Conservative claims that the possible new measure was initiated by Sadiq Khan.

A section of a letter from transport secretary Grant Shapps to the Mayor, seen by On London, setting out conditions he wants placed on providing further financial help for TfL says: “Given the significant rise in congestion in inner London, we also propose the extension of the central London congestion charging zone to cover the same area as the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) and at the same time, October 2021.”

Cameras are already being installed by TfL in preparation for enlarging the ULEZ to the North and South Circular roads. It presently covers the same, much smaller, area as the current Congestion Charge zone. The ULEZ is designed to discourage the use of polluting motor vehicles only, whereas the Congestion Charge applies to motor vehicles in general.

Conservative mayoral candidate Shaun Bailey claimed on Twitter two days ago that Khan is “talking about extending the Congestion Charge to the North and South Circular”.

Boris Johnson today failed to respond to a request by Harrow East MP Bob Blackman at Prime Minister’s Questions to “confirm that the government has not required the current Mayor of London to expand the congestion charge to the North and South Circular roads,” instead launching an attack on the financial stewardship of TfL under Sadiq Khan.

The letter from Shapps (pictured), dated 1 October, also asks Khan to “maintain the congestion charge at the current level and hours of operation,” thereby seeking the continuation of a previously agreed increase in the charge to £15 a day and the extension of its operating hours to weekends and until 10.00 pm.

Conservatives continue to claim that those changes were brought about by Khan, despite the 14 May agreement requiring him to “urgently bring forward proposals to widen the scope and levels” of the congestion charge and other road-pricing schemes.

A senior TfL figure who was at the heart of negotiating the first bailout has told On London that the specifics of those proposals – the price and operating hour changes – met the firm approval of Johnson’s transport adviser Andrew Gilligan, who has exerted a strong influence on the TfL finance discussions.

Khan today said during a meeting of the TfL board, which he chairs, that Johnson had “lied” to the Commons about TfL’s finances and that he was “shocked” that Gilligan “can’t be bothered to turn up to the TfL board meeting”. Gilligan is one of two Special Representatives of the government who are supposed to attend TfL board meetings under the current bailout agreement.

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    1. Adrian Rossiter says:

      Look at the following sentence: quote marks are simply being used here (in the absolutely correct, traditional way) to indicate a verbatim citation – ie those are the words Sadiq actually used – not in the modern, alternative style, to indicate some sort of allusion, idiom or gloss… So you are wrong: Khan did not say that Johnson lied – he said, “Johnson lied” (allegedly ! )

  1. Alexandra says:

    It’s time the British people stand up for their rights and well being. We are living in a world where we are no longer job secure. Pay cuts for those of us in work people finding it hard to survive, and on the bread line and Boris wants to squeeze us more to go to work and pay a mortgage to enter London. Do me a favour. Wake up Boris your people are dying to survive and you want to kill us all off, like you’re letting Covid kill your people. Wake up and live in the real world. Good for Khan sticking up for HIS LONDONERS. People of Britain let’s start fighting back and pay no more. Let’s do like the French and bring the capital to a stand still until this Tory government understands that us British people will no longer take things lying down and be bullied. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

  2. Ryan says:

    London is disgraceful already, it feels like a very expensive prison.
    I live already in Zone 4, I guess they want everyone to move out.

    My friends are leaving the country, what is the point of all this?

  3. Gillian Tawfik says:

    I think it’s disgusting that there are plans to extend the congestion charge zone to north and south circular
    Soon they will tax the very air that we breathe
    It will stifle life in London and be a death knell on the city
    Not only are we being told that we have to use cars less but also we should not use London transport- work from home!
    I am 65 so I would find it hard to cycle into London
    Soon they they will take away my freedom pass and reduce what little freedom I have to enjoy life in the city!!

  4. Patricia Wheeler says:

    Thank you for your article. Sky news reported the other night that Johnson left tfl with a deficit of £1.4m which Sadiq Khan reduced to £400m. The bare faced lies of this Government are Trumpian and are aimed at destroying all Labour strongholds. Your article states that the latest requirements set by Schapps means that the congestion charge operates every day until 10pm. I think you will find that it is 24/7.

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