London bus and Underground use is continuing to increase

London bus and Underground use is continuing to increase

Londoners are continuing to return to using public transport, with Underground journeys up by nine per cent this morning compared with last Monday morning and bus journeys up by a massive 38 per cent, mostly because of children returning to school after the Easter holiday.

Transport for London says the figures represent Tube journeys reaching 34 per cent of normal demand and bus journeys 62 per cent.

This morning’s data follow big jumps in demand over the weekend – the first since the re-opening of non-essential shops – with the Tube hitting 42 per cent of normal demand on Saturday, up 76 per cent week on week, and buses reaching 59 per cent of normal, a 35 per percent rise compared with the previous Saturday.

Yesterday, the first Sunday since the latest easing of lockdown, Tube use was 40 per cent of normal (up 48 per cent, week on week) while for buses the figure was 58 per cent of normal (up 27 per cent).

TfL say the latest weekend demand figures have returned to those seen in September and October last year, before the second national lockdown was introduced.

What TfL calls “shopping stations” – those which serve major retail streets and malls –  saw a 147 per cent increase compared with last weekend, when non-essential shops were not yet open for business.

Finally, here are the Tube and bus figures for last week, Monday to Friday.

Tube last week

Monday: 34% of normal

Tuesday: 31.7%

Wednesday: 33.3%

Thursday: 34.1%

Friday: 35.5%

Buses last week

Monday: 59.6%

Tuesday: 57.8%

Wednesday: 57.2%

Thursday: 53.6%

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