Metropolitan Police officer strength exceeds 32,000 for first time in eight years

Metropolitan Police officer strength exceeds 32,000 for first time in eight years

The figure for the number of warranted Metropolitan Police Service officers has risen above 32,000 for the first time since May 2012, new statistics show.

The Met’s latest workforce data report says that as of 30 April 2020, the “overall strength” of the service included 32,100 officers, just topping the 32,092 City Hall says the figure was approximately eight years ago, which was the last time it was higher than 32,000.

All the workforce figures, also published by the London Datastore, are described as “full-time equivalent” (FTE), meaning they take account of part-time roles and job-sharing arrangements when compiled. When officers who work other than full time are counted as individual employees, the total is 32,639.

Police non-officer staff strength has also been rising and now stands at 9,436, which is slightly higher than the number was when Sadiq Khan became Mayor in May 2016.

Of the 32,100 FTE police officer jobs, 23,231 are held by men and 8,869 by women (27.6 per cent). A total of 4,876 are held by people from black and minority ethnic (BAME) groups (15.19 per cent).

Of the 9,436 police staff jobs, 4,085 are held by men and 5,351 by women (56.71 per cent). A total of 2,465 of these positions are held by people from BAME groups (26.12 per cent).

When police community support officers (PCSOs) and others are added to the overall FTE workforce strength total, it reaches 32,639.

Mayor Khan has increased his share of Council Tax, known as the precept, in both 2019 and 2020 in order to provide more funds for the Met amid concerns about rising violent crime, especially with the use of knives. The latest hike is designed to pay for the recruitment of a further 600 officers during the current financial year. The Met has also received a share of additional national government funding, announced in March 2019.

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