Please help give the capital the journalism it needs

Please help give the capital the journalism it needs

London and far too many Londoners have been hit hard by Covid-19. The road to recovery will be long and slow. At the same time, the implications of Brexit for the capital – as for the whole country – are still emerging, and the national government has been pursuing an anti-London agenda by both word and deed. Our city’s 22-year-old devolution settlement is under siege. Many of its poorest people are getting poorer. In places, its famously inclusive social fabric looks frayed and worn.

At this worrying and uncertain point in London’s extraordinary history, there is a need for fair, thorough and resolutely anti-populist journalism about the city’s politics, its economy and its people as the post-pandemic era painfully takes shape. That is what this website strives to provide. And that is why I am asking those who read it and who have not yet helped it with a financial contribution to please consider doing so.

On London is small but influential and unique in covering the capital with depth and in detail not often found elsewhere. It already has supporters from across the political mainstream, including some with whom its wide range of contributors may disagree. Others come from local government, academia, business, trade unions, the worlds of planning, transport, housing, the creative industries and beyond.

All donations are extremely welcome. And I am particularly keen to increase the number of individuals who give £5 a month or £50 a year. These sums enable me to do a little forward planning and to reward freelance writers with fees that bear comparison with those of the very biggest media organisations, as well as covering the website’s costs and enabling me to pay my share of my household bills.

At the moment there are around 200 On London supporters who fall into that category. That is an increase of about 50 since 1 February, when I set my myself the target of getting the number up to 250 by the middle of this year. Doing so would make a huge difference to this shoestring operation, which is run by me alone from one room in my house in Hackney.

In return for your £5 a month or £50 a year you will be entitled to receive my Thursday evening newsletter On London Extra, free entry to On London online events and occasional special offers. You will also receive my undying gratitude. You can donate HERE or via links all over the website. Or, if you prefer, you can email for bank account details.

Thank you for your time.

Dave Hill (On London founder, editor and publisher).


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