St Paul’s Cathedral launches online remembrance book for Covid-19 deaths

St Paul’s Cathedral launches online remembrance book for Covid-19 deaths

After the lockdown took effect, a lonely sign appeared before the steps of St Paul’s. It said that for reasons of public safety the cathedral had closed, although its ministers were “continuing worship and pray on behalf of all”. The sadness of that sight was compounded by the fact that not many people would be on the streets to see it.

But now, the management of London’s most vaunted place of Christian worship is going about its business in a public way again, albeit (in more than one sense) remotely. The cathedral has launched an online book of remembrance for all those across the country who have died as a result of Covid-19.

Entitled Remember Me, it is intended as a memorial to all those whose lives have been taken by the virus in the United Kingdom.

From today, the families, friends and carers of those who’ve died may submit to the Remember Me website the name and photograph of the person they have lost, together with a short message in their honour. The offer is made to people of all religious faiths and none, and is free of charge.

The cathedral’s choristers have recorded an accompanying Mendelssohn anthem, Prince Charles has recorded a video message and so has the Dean, the Very Reverend David Ison, who reminds us that, “For centuries, St Paul’s Cathedral has been a place to remember the personal and national impact of great tragedies, from the losses of war to the devastation of the Grenfell Tower fire.”

The project is being supported by the Dorfman Foundation, established by businessman and philanthropist Sir Lloyd Dorfman in 2007.

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