Daniel Korski denies groping allegation to WhatsApp group supporters

Daniel Korski denies groping allegation to WhatsApp group supporters

Daniel Korski, the Conservative mayoral hopeful accused of groping a woman at 10 Downing when he was an adviser to the then Prime Minister David Cameron, has assured supporters that the allegation is “baseless” but accepted that his denial might not be accepted.

In a message to a WhatsApp group backing his campaign to become the Tories’ challenger to Sadiq Khan, seen by On London, Korski assured the group’s members “I categorically deny any wrong-doing” and “any claim if inappropriate behaviour” and described it as “disheartening” to again be connected to the alleged incident which was first brought to public attention in 2017.

“I know that simply denying such allegations may not be enough to alleviate the concerns and doubts that might arise in your minds,” Korski wrote.

He did not, however, indicate he is considering withdrawing from the contest to become the Tory candidate as a result of his accuser, the novelist and television producer Daisy Goodwin, claiming in an article for the Times that Korski took hold of one of her breasts at the end of a meeting to discuss a potential TV show.

“I firmly believe in the importance of empathy, respect, and the well-being of every individual within society,” Korski assured the WhatsApp group. He added: “To those who have been affected by any form of misconduct or harassment, let me assure you that I stand firmly against such behaviour. I am committed to fostering an environment where everyone feels valued, heard, and supported.”

In her Times article Goodwin says her meeting with Korski took place ten years ago in Number 10’s Thatcher drawing room and that she had found his behaviour “awkwardly flirtatious” and “odd” before he “suddenly put his hand on my breast” after she had got up to leave.

In 2017 Goodwin wrote an article about the alleged incident for the Radio Times. She did not name Korski in it, but ensuing rumours led to him publicly deny any wrongdoing, describing such claims as “not only totally false but also totally bizarre”.

In his message to the WhatsApp group, Korksi wrote: “Politics can be a rough and challenging business. Unfortunately, in the midst of this demanding environment, this baseless allegation from the past has resurfaced.” He closed by thanking “every one of you, for your continued support”.

A spokesperson for Korski has told media outlets that “In the strongest possible terms, Dan categorically denies any allegation of inappropriate behaviour whatsoever.”

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