Low Traffic Neighbourhoods: Watch the On London and London Society debate

Low Traffic Neighbourhoods: Watch the On London and London Society debate

Although polling evidence suggests that Londoners on the whole are in favour of Low Traffic Neighbourhoods, some of the 160 new ones introduced across 21 of the capital’s boroughs have met with fierce opposition and thrown a number of wider discontents into sharp relief. On London and The London Society organised a webinar, which took place last Thursday evening, at which differing views could be aired in a friendly way and some possible resolutions to LTN disputes identified. We are extremely grateful to Caroline Russell, Puru Miah, Leonie Cooper and On London star reporter Charles Wright for being the panellists, and also to the 80 people who virtually attended. You can now watch the hour-long event in full below. The bloke chairing the proceedings is me.

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  1. Alexandra Hossell says:

    Ask CROYDON COUNCIL for me when road closures are going to be removed. ( excuse of Coronavirus)
    Please ask them how large vehicles and ambulances fire engines and other emergency services are supposed to access our roads and cul de Sacha in SE25 around the South Norwood swimming pool. They only access is via main road PORTLAND RD. Often closed due to roadworks or importantly serious incidents. Then no immediate access to our small cul de sac roads. But also with ensuing increase in queuing traffic. And traffic jams always occurred…makes extreme difficulties for cyclists,; least of all the increased pollution for everyone and school children. Children attending all schools on main roads in this area. Senior and Harris Accademy. At Arena and Ryelands school in this region .
    There was little traffic before.
    Also as evidenced in other regions .this can hamper police vehicles when pursuing hooligans and youngsters involved in burglaries and crime. Able to run through by rthe flower boxes in all these ROAD CLOSURES. away from pursuing police vehicles.
    Please communicate to me the COUNCIL’S RESPONSE!! NOT to mention this must be a complete waste of tax payers’ money…
    ..Thank you Alexandra Hossell

  2. JRichards says:

    And where residents do desperately need and want LTN’s, the local council often doesn’t want to know. Because they want to facilitate the rat-running, the 6 daily waste vehicle trips in a small cul-de-sac and the multiple visits by large delivery vans. It is more important to keep the servicing vehicles away from the shopping street, regardless of the effects on the residents whose neighbourhood roads have to host them.

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