Anna Zvagule: New Study London campaign matters for the whole of the city

Anna Zvagule: New Study London campaign matters for the whole of the city

It is no secret that universities have had a difficult year, facing financial struggles, uncertainty caused by immigration policy and constant damaging headlines in the press. But those in London hope the capital will, on 18 June, be named the world’s Best Student City for the sixth year in a row, boosting its appeal to prospective newcomers. And today London Higher, the representative body of over 50 universities in the capital, is bringing back Study London, a campaign designed to attract yet more students to London from all over the UK and round the world.

Study London was originally run by promotional agency London & Partners and maintained until 2021. London Higher, which now owns the brand, felt this was the time to revive it and actively highlight London’s exceptional higher education institutions, as well as the enriching cultural experiences, and promising career paths the city has to offer.

It isn’t just about increasing enrolment numbers. The Study London campaign is of pivotal importance for the city’s economy and its standing on the world stage in the coming decades. Here’s why:

One: We need a good, reliable pipeline of fresh talent

In today’s knowledge-based economy, a highly educated workforce is a valuable commodity. By actively recruiting the world’s brightest students to study in London, the city ensures a robust pipeline of new talent to help boost productivity. This influx of young, skilled workers boosts London’s talent pool in key sectors in addition to the productivity of the overall workforce. 

Two: We need to boost London’s global brand

London’s reputation as a bustling and diverse city already attracts students, businesses, and investment from around the world. However, maintaining this status requires actively reinforcing London’s value so we don’t fall behind other cities who do this better. London has been voted Best Student City for the past six years. Let’s ensure it keeps that title for the foreseeable future. 

Three: International students bring significant economic benefits

International students inject billions into London’s economy annually through their tuition fees, housing costs, other spending, and travel from visiting family members. A single cohort contributes £9.59 billion in gross economic gains.

That equates to an average net impact in London of £1,040 per resident. This spending creates countless jobs in and around London’s university communities while fuelling demand for the city’s businesses, shops, restaurants and venues. The Study London campaign will help keep this money coming in as more students consider London an attractive place to study in.

Four: Our students and universities elevate London’s soft power

When they graduate, London students from around the world go on to become highly-skilled workers, entrepreneurs, job creators and ambassadors of London across the UK and internationally. Both the universities and students raise the city’s profile and influence – its “soft power” – on the global stage. By actively promoting London’s higher education opportunities Study London simultaneously showcases the city as a destination and displays its open, progressive mindset, welcoming overseas talent and collaboration.

Simply put, the Study London campaign is a vital long-term investment for developing the city’s skilled workforce. It will amplify London’s global brand, enrich its entrepreneurial climate, drive economic growth and, as a result, help London exert its influence globally. Study London is not simply a tool for promoting the city. It is a necessity for maintaining London’s standing as an elite world capital in the decades ahead.

The Study London campaign launches today. Following Study London on X, Instagram, LinkedIn and TikTok. provides unique coverage of the capital’s politics, development and culture. Support it for just £5 a month or £50 a year and get things for your money too. Details HERE. Photo: ULC East, Olympic Park.

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  1. Philip Virgo says:

    I would be more impressed by a campaign to support the full diversity of London’s own talent in life-long learning from cradle to grave instead of trawling the rest of the world for those who pay more in the short term. Harvard’s wealth today owes much to a century old study into an already 50 year old policy of trawling the slums of New York to give scholarships to infant prodigies. Not only were they more motivated and successful – they donated far more as alumni and/or in their wills.

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