How On London grew in 2017

How On London grew in 2017

When I started this site on 1st February this year, it was a strictly personal thing which aimed to carry on the coverage of London’s politics, development and culture I’d been producing for the Guardian for nine years. Some influential friends wished me well and since then I’ve been helped by a group of guest writers to build the site into something bigger, broader and better than it could ever have been if written by me alone. As 2017 draws to a close, here are some of the highlights from those busy people who’ve so kindly found the time to write things for me. If you missed them at the time, I hope you can find time to read them now.

I have plans for improving On London still more in 2018. More on that to come. But for now, thank you to everyone who has visited and supported the site in 2017. It’s been a difficult, frightening and distressing year in the capital in many ways. Let’s hope 2018 is a happier one.

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