Imagining another Hammersmith Bridge

Imagining another Hammersmith Bridge

There are, as Charles Wright has reported, two options being considered as short-term replacements for Hammersmith Bridge while it is closed to motor vehicles while major repair works get underway. At present, the bridge is open only to pedestrians and cyclists. They have had it to themselves since the spring. What if it was left that way?

The local architects The Manser Practice, based at Hammersmith Bridge Road, says its staff and others rather like being able to wander along the full width of the bridge as pedestrians amid traffic-free tranquility.

In what they call “an internal creative exercise”, some of architects have produced a couple of sketches which envisage the bridge remaining for foot and cycle use only, complete with a leafy linear park, and adding a Clipper boat service terminal at the same point. See sketches above and below.

The manser practice hammersmith bridge 02

Could it actually happen? Maybe not, at least for the time being. Should it? Discuss. strives to provide high quality coverage of all the big London issues. The site depends on donations from readers. Can you spare £5 (or more) a month? All contributions gratefully received. Thank you.


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  1. Caroline says:

    Whilst in the long term I think many would agree it would be desirable to reduce motor traffic to the extent that a vehicle crossing at Hammersmith might be rendered unnecessary, unfortunately we have to deal with the world as it is now (and will be for the next few years) rather than the world as one would ideally like it, and currently the displaced traffic is not using alternative modes, it is simply being pushed onto Putney and Chiswick Bridges which are the only other alternatives; this is increasing both congestion and air pollution significantly in these communities.

    As a resident of one of those places to which traffic has been displaced, I would like to see the other proposal, that of a temporary road bridge for motor traffic, going ahead as soon as possible, whilst repairs to Hammersmith Bridge are undertaken.

    If at the end of that period of time the flow of motor traffic across the temporary bridge has indeed reduced enough because of modal shift that it might be possible to reopen the bridge only to pedestrian, cycle and potentially bus traffic, then this could be considered. However if not then the bridge should be reopened to all traffic including motor vehicles because in my opinion it is not reasonable or fair to expect neighbouring communities to bear the consequences of the displaced traffic permanently.

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